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Regulatory monitoring, project management and reporting made easy.

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The solution for agile legal, compliance and public affairs teams.

Everything in one place.


For the teams manually tracking hundreds of regulatory and legal sources every day and those looking for the second line of defense.

LARI checks regulatory, legal and political sources automatically multiple times a day and informs you about updates that may influence your business.

Legal research and open-source intelligence

Have access to an ever growing regulatory, legal and political database with over 3 million entries.

Search “à discretion”. No additional fees and no limits.

Impact assessment

LARI analyzes updates so that you can faster assess their impact.

It automatically highlights the most important parts in large documents and instantly shows relevant changes.

Project management

LARI's project management tools are tailored to the needs of legal, compliance and public affairs teams.

Collaboration on LARI keeps information organized so that nothing falls between the cracks.

Report and control

Report key changes, business impact and track the implementation of measures with a few clicks.

Information management on LARI means that you have a single communication channel to the business.

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Our mission
to reduce risk, cost and inefficiency by supporting all corporate legal operations

Edouard Schaerer

Co-founder and CEO

Martin Wolf

Co-founder and CTO